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Alabama RV Rentals
    Weather you rent from us or not we want to provide you with the information you need to be certain your RV needs are met.  Your recreation is our only business.  When looking for an Alabama RV rental we trust you will see the choice is clear.  We understand that there are all levels of knowledge with regard to RV renters.  Some of you are absolute novices, and some have rented RV's many times and are pros.  Regardless of your knowledge level we welcome your interest and questions.

Some Basics
    RV (recreational vehicles) come in two basic styles Driveable and Towable.  Each style has sub-classes like to the Motorhome, or drivealbe, there is an A-class, B-class and C-class.  The most common for rentals is the C-class motorhome.  Then for the towables there are the 5th wheel, travel trailer, and folding trailer (a.k.a. pop up).  The most common for towable RV rentals are the travel trailer.  Now each of these come in different sizes and floor plans.  We invite you to call us (256) 571-9399 to help you determine the best fit for your needs.
Do I need a special license to Drive a Motorhome
    No special license required.  Most rental insurances do however require the driver to be 25 or older.  If you feel you would like a test drive to get the feel of the rental Motorhome you choose we would be happy to ride with you and give pointers as needed. 
What do I need to have to tow with
    First the vehicle must have an electric brake controller.  We can assist you with this to determine weather you have one or which one best suits your needs if you do not.  Call (256) 571-9399 or come by 3619 AL HWY 69, Guntersville AL 35976 for best results.  The electric brake controller does just that, it applies voltage to the supplimental brakes on the trailer. 
    There are travel trailers that can be towed by mid sized SUV's, 1/2 ton or "1500" trucks and SUV's, some require 3/4 or even 1 ton truck and SUV's to tow them.  Each vehicle has it's own tow rating, even those that are built in the same year with comparable equipment can vary greatly in their capacity.  It is always best to look at the owners manual for your specific vehicle to determine its design before looking for a travel trailer to rent.  It is extremely important to not overload your vehicle, even a little.
    In some cases it is important to have a weight distribution hitch when towing.  The distribution hitch enables the vehicle to maintain safe braking by shifitng the weight back to the front wheels, doing this assists the vehicle to maintain steering and control in a hard braking situation.

Can You Deliver My RV Rental?
    In many cases yes.  A lot of RV rental companies offer delivery and set up options.  This is something we can do for you as well.  Our packages can include the travel trailer or motorhome rental, delivery to the campsite you provide, complete set up with any utilities available at the location, and picking up the rental when your finnished.
    Each RV rental company will have different levels of set up.  We level and stablize, slide out any slides, hook up any water, sewar, power, or cable that may be available, turn on the Air Conditioning/heat, and set up the TV to local channels if any.  All you have to do is move in and clean up after yourself before you leave.

A Veiw From Your RV Rental Campsite